The Peer Review is a fully online, open-access, multimodal scholarly journal that promotes the work of emerging writing center researchers. In particular, we target graduate/undergraduate/high school researchers. While we welcome Writing Center directors and administrators as co-authors, the journal’s overall purpose is to forward the work of new voices in the field.

Another key aspect of this publication is its multi-tiered leadership, which provides entering WC scholars with the opportunity to receive mentoring from more experienced WC researchers/editors. The editorial team includes WC professionals and graduate students who will work together on reviewing manuscripts and offering feedback to writers, who will also be mentored through the publication process.

Our Team

Advisory Board

As an IWCA publication, the IWCA Board will oversee the managing editors and the editorial staff.

  • Shareen Grogan, IWCA President
  • Jackie Grutsch McKinney, IWCA Vice President
  • Kathryn Tucker, IWCA Secretary
  • Karen Johnson, IWCA Treasurer
  • Steve Price, Outside Scholar


  • Rebecca Hallman Martini, Salem State University (Founding Editor)
  • Mandy Olejnik, Miami University (Graduate Co-editor)
  • Yanar Hashlamon, Ohio State University (Graduate Co-editor)
  • Ashley Cerku, Oakland University (Managing Editor)
  • Travis DuBose, Rutgers University-Camden (Web Editor, outgoing)


  • Rusty Carpenter, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Lindsay Sabatino, Wagner College
  • Alexis Hart, Allegheny College
  • Steve Price, Mississippi College
  • Trixie Smith, Michigan State University
  • Andrew Jeter, Niles West High School
  • Mirabeth Braude, Success Academy
  • Stacy Rice, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Ezekiel Choffel, Syracuse University
  • Enrique Paz, Miami University
  • Andrew Petrykowski, University of Central Florida
  • Jenny Burbank, University of San Diego
  • Tim Allison, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
  • Janice Jung, Ohio State University
  • Kiley Miller, Colorado State University
  • Jennifer Kang, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • Scott Whiddon, Transylvania University
  • Travis Webster, University of Houston Clear Lake
  • Carmen M. Meza, Ohio State University

The Peer Review’s bylaws