The Peer Review is a fully online, open-access, multimodal scholarly journal that promotes the work of emerging writing center researchers. In particular, we target graduate/undergraduate/high school researchers. While we welcome Writing Center directors and administrators as co-authors, the journal’s overall purpose is to forward the work of new voices in the field.

Another key aspect of this publication is its multi-tiered leadership, which provides entering WC scholars with the opportunity to receive mentoring from more experienced WC researchers/editors. The editorial team includes WC professionals and graduate students who will work together on reviewing manuscripts and offering feedback to writers, who will also be mentored through the publication process.


  • Nikki Caswell, East Carolina University (Editor)
  • Morgan Banville, East Carolina University (Graduate Co-editor)
  • Yanar Hashlamon, Ohio State University (Graduate Co-editor)
  • Karen Moroski, Michigan State University (Managing Editor)
  • Randall W. Monty, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (Web Editor)
  • Rebecca Hallman Martini, University of Georgia (Founding Editor)

Check out the “Our Team” page for editor bios and a full lists of the Advisory Board, Reviewers, and the Copy Desk.

You can also learn about the The Peer Review’s bylaws and our in-house Style Guide.