Issue 8.1: Special Issue – Enacting Linguistic Justice in/through Writing Centers

Spring 2024

Editorial Note: Special Issue on Enacting Linguistic Justice In / Through Writing Centers

  • Keli Tucker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Emily Bouza, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Conversation Shaper: Exploring Efforts to Enact Linguistic Justice at Writing Centers

  • Kathy Yan, University of Rochester
  • Faith Thompson, Salisbury University

Anti-Racism Meets Linguistic Justice: Lessons Learned from Committee Work and Tutor Education

  • Erika Gonzalez, Human Development and Family Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Antonella Pappolla, Educational Policy Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sí Se Pudo: Retelling the Stories of Our Consultant-Led Linguistic Justice Projects

  • Genoveva Vega, Washington State University
  • Liliana Silva-Vazquez, San Diego State University
  • Matthew Louie, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Introducing Linguistic Antiracism to Skeptics: A Scaffolded Approach

  • Lucia Pawloski, St. Catherine University

Confronting Resistance to Linguistic Justice: Developing White Racial Stamina in the Writing Center

  • Kelsey Hawkins, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Between the Lines of Linguistic Justice: Lumbee English and Value Meshing in the Writing Center

  • Morgan Linn Zacheus, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • Elise Dixon, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

The Tide that Takes You Out of Prison

  • Kimberly S. Drake, Scripps College
  • Damian V. Busby, Independent Scholar

Brazil’s First Writing Center: Promoting Global Access and Enacting Local Change

  • Thais Rodrigues Cons, University of Arizona
  • Camila Ribeiro de Almeida Rezende, Universidade Estadual do Paraná

Aquí Se Habla Deutsch, Française, Kinyarwanda y ကညီ: Making Multilingualism Audible In Writing Centers

  • Margaret Bugingo, University of Connecticut
  • Robert Zatryb, University of Connecticut

We Outside: Black Queer Writing Center Work in the Community

  • Erin Green, University of Maryland College Park

‘Small’ Work: Bringing Translingualism Out of the Writing Center

  • Tejan Green Waszak, Columbia University
  • Isabel Ortiz, Columbia University
  • Barbara Paulus, Columbia University
  • Seth Cosimini, Columbia University
  • Wally Suphap, Columbia University
  • Jason T. Ueda, Columbia University
  • Gabriella Etoniru, Columbia University
  • Elaje Lopez, Columbia University
  • Michael Schoch, Columbia University

Book Review: CounterStories from the Writing Center

  • Jennifer Forsthoefel, Augsburg University