Issue 6.1

Winter 2022

Through Students’ Voices: What Does the Death of a Writing Center Tell Us?

    • Jing Zhang, Shantou University

Writing Centers as Critical Communities: Redesigning Community Through Critical Dialogue, Rhetorical Listening, and the Critical Embrace

    • Brooklyn Walter, Washington State University

Tutor Metamorphosis: Expectations and Reality when Tutoring Remotely

    • Emily Tondy, Kent State University
    • Alyssa Gelet, Kent State University
    • Ana Wetzl, Kent State University

Departing for a Better Writing Center: Advancing Language Justice Through Staff Professional Development

    • Stephanie Aguilar-Smith, University of North Texas
    • Floyd Pouncil, Michigan State University
    • Nick Sanders, Michigan State University

Conversation Shaper: Supporting Neurodiversity in the Writing Center

    • Stephanie Gemmell, The George Washington University